Friday, February 20, 2009

Sometimes the reflections are put into focus. Quote follows:

Art by Mary Sonya Conti
Today's Selected Commenter

Practicing Quiet Confidence (Lori Woodward Simons), Revisited

Mary Sonya Conti Wrote:

Dear Lori,

it's seems this was right on the mark in speaking to my own personal experience at the meet and greet attended Saturday night.(Art at the Trace Centerville, Oh) The one piece of work that am so sure of; fell flat because worried too much about what the gentleman was saying and HIS body language. Am so worried about offending someone by inserting my beliefs that stammered and hesitated not to make a sale but worst; explaining my thought process behind Ascension. Granted this was the first experience had at this time kind of venue but walked away from it so angry at myself for not stating clearly what the work Meant to me while creating it. Had spoken about the piece several times over the evening to various individuals; How it talked to me and showed me the path that should be found within (in my opinion). They were very brief statements to individuals who were receptive to the work. Have gone over the discussion many times in my head(he told me that since had chosen the title should clearly state and not become a total loss or hesitation in explaining this work). Now this gentleman was not there to pull me down; rather believe he was there to better my foundation (based on responses from his own clearly animated discussion). The lesson learned: Stop getting caught up in what you "read" in those who talk with you. Keep it brief and to the heart. Thank you for writing this piece Lori it helps to clarify.

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