Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art Festival Life

Never enough time to talk to everyone. The theme piece April's Jester was sought after between several folks. Never underestimate who is looking.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anonymously may we walk

this is an angle shot of the Anonymous theme piece. Will post the final image
after the reveal on the 29th

Crop Detail


sitting here trying to recoup from an interview done over the phone. While am comfortable in my own skin always difficult to keep from rambling about the artwork.
Nerves, perhaps too much coffee and step back and listen to myself. Try so hard not to be something am not (hence no staged photos or glamor shots). While can appreciate one likes to know background of person who demonstrates, creates the art it puts me in mind of Lucian Freud. Here is a modern day living artist who is not comfortable giving interviews or discussing his work. Yet, in that light and under the microscope his personality comes across as soft in contrast to his detailed "realistic" compositions created. Was it just the way I related to his U Tube interview or did I identify with the matching of word to work? Made it through the process. Would that could have you focus on the work only; but do understand the need for "background" now as well. Will break down and send images to the site to include with the techniques it isn't about vanity so much as it is about the need to share.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

new piece Aura Oracle shades of the past

is the next theme concept. Used to be a flower child and tiedyed anything back
in the 70s. Many an acrylic looked like the tyedye art of the Day. Found it
interesting that the Kabbalah prism is my palette quite often. We each radiate
energy, with the light it is translated into color (feel it) Sounds strange
but is a way for me to drop my "control" and allow the light to radiate in art.
How we connect to each other sometimes is picked up by what we sense on different
levels. This is a work in progress

Must add: the techniques taught by Trish McKinney, Stephen Blackburn, Don Andrews
have all been incorporated in this piece. Without the "giving" of these talented artists would most certainly still be doing "tyeDye art".

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekends of all week ends!

It started out with a run as fast as can catch up to get to the First Friday opening at our gallery, The Cannery in Downtown Dayton. Several swings around the block to find a parking space and finally someone left and was able to slip in. Always love these "first Fridays" different folks to meet and talk to. An Angel with an appropriate first name Joy purchased Moon O're Hocking Hills. Walking home on tiptoes head in the clouds. Reality check 90'degrees and 2days of Festival Life in Englewood Ohio. Nervous as always adrenaline pumping heat humidity but still with this silly secret smile on my face. Got home Saturday night after selling several "easel art" which are ACEOs signed and coated in the high gloss finish that "burnish with a blow torch" to show the possibility in the larger Originals. Some Prints sold as well. Thinking about returning to the Niagra Falls Series. Many pointed to those and the Canadian Vineyard and showed an interest. Are you still reading this? Sold Sun Duality, The Jester, Moon River and Early Morning Glory on Sunday. Can it be; folks realize that art is an Investment that does not Loose in Value as they watch their stocks float up and down with the Market? I am not going anywhere my work will be out there for many; The Greatest Power that be trusting for many many more years. These Clients that are sent my way are such beautiful individuals; no, not because they bought my Art, am fortunate enough to talk with them and "hear" their likes, needs in the time we have together.
Pinch myself.....Is life this GOOD?... have enough to support the art for another Year and looking forward to the Taste of Troy in Troy Ohio in September!