Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mary sonya conti

mary sonya conti

New Blog

Have been having problems with this blog. With the creative genius of Vikki North; a new blog appears with bells and whistles at the link sited above. Would be an honor for you to follow me on this "newer site"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mayan memories - SOLD

Since today is such a beautiful day in Dayton with the Sun shinning was able to take care of business at the front of the Gallery this afternoon. When the client came to pickup her tryptch of Mayan Memories she was thrilled with the way it "shined" in the light. Back under the florescent lighting of the Silent Auction room the piece had life to it but was quietly waiting for the REVEAL of sunlight. It has gold leafing hidden within. It was a pleasure to watch her face match the art and warm my soul.
It had been more than 30 days since she bid on the artwork. She beat out two other bids by jumping over them with her bid but admitted she needed another look at it this morning.

I was thinking while waiting on her to come to the gallery that this piece was inspired by the healing sink hole within the Mayan Reservation in Cancun. The leaves that shimmered in the light and look of the waters some 45 below the opening above where as vivid as day stood there and sketched them for this piece. Wine may get better with time however art and the making of it seasons better for this one!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

no title yet, in work for the Selected Original in Dec

have more work to do. May just add that solitary "deer" the grandson says he was sure he saw down at Cade's Cove in the Smokys. See need to adjust the grove of autumn splendor at the foot of the mountain and goes without saying more detailing on the branches at the lower end of the focal tree. More of the Autumn sun hitting the russet red in the tree as well. Lighten the mid ground area where the sun kissed the open landscape. Yelp...still not there. This is where add that "in the moment" feel to make it come to life.

This will be the featured original for the December drawing. For every print sold an opportunity to own this original. It has to make them feel they are standing right within the mountains splendor. Autumn in the mountains is especially hard to paint as all the colors compete everywhere you look. The setting slowly seeps into your conscious after you are hit with the COLOR.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Moon o're the hills

canvas edition with starlight
available in 16x20 shipped directly to your choice (75.00 usd) or
with resin finish (cured with blow torch) archival and waterproof (99.00usd)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Work beyond

working on a piece for theartistchallenge.com Theme selection was beyond boundaries course feel that went for the obvious of this concept. Realize after loading it in for web view have too many "hansa yellow" highlights in the path and will need to work on building value in rather than hue. If you have any critiques please send them my way with comments as am starting to get little discouraged. Doing most of my work with acrylic inks find that have been relying on color impact rather than working with the softness that is natural in watercolor

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hidden treasure of Autumns escape

Finalized the waterfall watercolor. Final piece is 28x20 and will be revealed Oct 3, 2009 on www.theartistchallenge.com site

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Labor Day Special An Angel watches over

Featured in the Oregon Historical District (all proceeds for the Veterans Society)_May an Angel watch over our troups

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art Festival Life

Never enough time to talk to everyone. The theme piece April's Jester was sought after between several folks. Never underestimate who is looking.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anonymously may we walk

this is an angle shot of the Anonymous theme piece. Will post the final image
after the reveal on the 29th

Crop Detail


sitting here trying to recoup from an interview done over the phone. While am comfortable in my own skin always difficult to keep from rambling about the artwork.
Nerves, perhaps too much coffee and step back and listen to myself. Try so hard not to be something am not (hence no staged photos or glamor shots). While can appreciate one likes to know background of person who demonstrates, creates the art it puts me in mind of Lucian Freud. Here is a modern day living artist who is not comfortable giving interviews or discussing his work. Yet, in that light and under the microscope his personality comes across as soft in contrast to his detailed "realistic" compositions created. Was it just the way I related to his U Tube interview or did I identify with the matching of word to work? Made it through the process. Would that could have you focus on the work only; but do understand the need for "background" now as well. Will break down and send images to the site to include with the techniques it isn't about vanity so much as it is about the need to share.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

new piece Aura Oracle shades of the past

is the next theme concept. Used to be a flower child and tiedyed anything back
in the 70s. Many an acrylic looked like the tyedye art of the Day. Found it
interesting that the Kabbalah prism is my palette quite often. We each radiate
energy, with the light it is translated into color (feel it) Sounds strange
but is a way for me to drop my "control" and allow the light to radiate in art.
How we connect to each other sometimes is picked up by what we sense on different
levels. This is a work in progress

Must add: the techniques taught by Trish McKinney, Stephen Blackburn, Don Andrews
have all been incorporated in this piece. Without the "giving" of these talented artists would most certainly still be doing "tyeDye art".

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekends of all week ends!

It started out with a run as fast as can catch up to get to the First Friday opening at our gallery, The Cannery in Downtown Dayton. Several swings around the block to find a parking space and finally someone left and was able to slip in. Always love these "first Fridays" different folks to meet and talk to. An Angel with an appropriate first name Joy purchased Moon O're Hocking Hills. Walking home on tiptoes head in the clouds. Reality check 90'degrees and 2days of Festival Life in Englewood Ohio. Nervous as always adrenaline pumping heat humidity but still with this silly secret smile on my face. Got home Saturday night after selling several "easel art" which are ACEOs signed and coated in the high gloss finish that "burnish with a blow torch" to show the possibility in the larger Originals. Some Prints sold as well. Thinking about returning to the Niagra Falls Series. Many pointed to those and the Canadian Vineyard and showed an interest. Are you still reading this? Sold Sun Duality, The Jester, Moon River and Early Morning Glory on Sunday. Can it be; folks realize that art is an Investment that does not Loose in Value as they watch their stocks float up and down with the Market? I am not going anywhere my work will be out there for many; The Greatest Power that be trusting for many many more years. These Clients that are sent my way are such beautiful individuals; no, not because they bought my Art, am fortunate enough to talk with them and "hear" their likes, needs in the time we have together.
Pinch myself.....Is life this GOOD?... have enough to support the art for another Year and looking forward to the Taste of Troy in Troy Ohio in September!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Patriot-a gift to our Veterans

Original artwork, oil 8x10.
prints available specify size.

All proceeds to be donated to the Veteran's Society

The Patriot

I am the mother of a son who was a Marine, the Aunt to a US Army Jag Officer (Capt. Tennaile Timbrook)and PFC Miles C. Martin. While we as people cannot agree on the platform of our Troops fighting; we MUST support their CHOICE. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS

Thursday, July 16, 2009

little miss Independant

two pieces were created for www.theartistchallenge.com
Our grandbaby born on the 5th of July and The Patriot in honor of Brian Bradshaw who made a choice in the way he would be brought home. Please view the Artist Challenge site for full story.

Friday, June 26, 2009

experimenting again. Paint on glass; (acrylics in this case) lay tissue paper over
remove let dry. Cover with wax let harden. Crinkle it up (coat with burnt umber watercolor that falls into the creases) flip over iron off wax. Adhere the tissue
carefully to (small amphersand board 5x7) detail. Will be applying gold leaf to
make the June Bug stand out and take center stage and finishing it with the resin
high gloss. Have only attempted small pieces; would be interesting to try on larger

Monday, June 22, 2009

Original moon river render

this is the original 6x10 on aquabord watercolor, acrylic and metallic inks with high gloss resin finish for sale through the www.artid.com/msonya
www.marysonyaconti.com sites.

Have started showing my work at the Cannery in downtown Dayton and will be
opening with a gallery in Tipp City Studio 14 hopefully next month. If in area
stop by the CADC on first friday of any month of the year. www.canneryarts.com

Moon render

this is a small piece (doing for a challenge in theartistchallenge.com) Many times take the "starts" and work the from different art programs on computer.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Small works at www.artid.com/msonya

sometimes you hear a phrase or read it and it just stays with you with additional thoughts and over the years; meanings. Had contemplated naming this series "as above,
so below"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This years crop

the lilacs and peonies normally catch the camera's eye however this Spring the tulips did not fair as well and the lilacs were only this Miss Kim small treasures. Other parts of the garden are cropping up begging to be captured

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

comfort in morning light

Just joined the talented artists who show their work at The Cannery Art and Design Center here in Dayton Ohio. In putting the work together realize that it is not necessarily a matter of creating the work with a cohesive "theme" as it is perhaps presentation. While each frame is designed around the individual artwork when show the work as a whole it detracts from the artwork. Realize must make them all of a single color and style so that the work "flows". This no doubt will be both cost and time sensitive.

While taking my moment on the front porch early this morning laid the process to rest in between the hum of the bee that could be heard traveling from plant to plant and the ray of light that highlight each bloom as a singular showpiece. All will come with time. It's been two years since started showing my work. All a learning process that is not "grown" overnight.

website: www.canneryarts.com

Friday, May 29, 2009

latest image from www.theartistchallenge.com

Behind closed doors. Available as ACEO print

Friday, February 20, 2009


Sometimes the reflections are put into focus. Quote follows:

Art by Mary Sonya Conti
Today's Selected Commenter


Practicing Quiet Confidence (Lori Woodward Simons), Revisited

Mary Sonya Conti Wrote:

Dear Lori,

it's seems this was right on the mark in speaking to my own personal experience at the meet and greet attended Saturday night.(Art at the Trace Centerville, Oh) The one piece of work that am so sure of; fell flat because worried too much about what the gentleman was saying and HIS body language. Am so worried about offending someone by inserting my beliefs that stammered and hesitated not to make a sale but worst; explaining my thought process behind Ascension. Granted this was the first experience had at this time kind of venue but walked away from it so angry at myself for not stating clearly what the work Meant to me while creating it. Had spoken about the piece several times over the evening to various individuals; How it talked to me and showed me the path that should be found within (in my opinion). They were very brief statements to individuals who were receptive to the work. Have gone over the discussion many times in my head(he told me that since had chosen the title should clearly state and not become a total loss or hesitation in explaining this work). Now this gentleman was not there to pull me down; rather believe he was there to better my foundation (based on responses from his own clearly animated discussion). The lesson learned: Stop getting caught up in what you "read" in those who talk with you. Keep it brief and to the heart. Thank you for writing this piece Lori it helps to clarify.

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