Friday, June 26, 2009

experimenting again. Paint on glass; (acrylics in this case) lay tissue paper over
remove let dry. Cover with wax let harden. Crinkle it up (coat with burnt umber watercolor that falls into the creases) flip over iron off wax. Adhere the tissue
carefully to (small amphersand board 5x7) detail. Will be applying gold leaf to
make the June Bug stand out and take center stage and finishing it with the resin
high gloss. Have only attempted small pieces; would be interesting to try on larger

Monday, June 22, 2009

Original moon river render

this is the original 6x10 on aquabord watercolor, acrylic and metallic inks with high gloss resin finish for sale through the sites.

Have started showing my work at the Cannery in downtown Dayton and will be
opening with a gallery in Tipp City Studio 14 hopefully next month. If in area
stop by the CADC on first friday of any month of the year.

Moon render

this is a small piece (doing for a challenge in Many times take the "starts" and work the from different art programs on computer.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Small works at

sometimes you hear a phrase or read it and it just stays with you with additional thoughts and over the years; meanings. Had contemplated naming this series "as above,
so below"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This years crop

the lilacs and peonies normally catch the camera's eye however this Spring the tulips did not fair as well and the lilacs were only this Miss Kim small treasures. Other parts of the garden are cropping up begging to be captured

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

comfort in morning light

Just joined the talented artists who show their work at The Cannery Art and Design Center here in Dayton Ohio. In putting the work together realize that it is not necessarily a matter of creating the work with a cohesive "theme" as it is perhaps presentation. While each frame is designed around the individual artwork when show the work as a whole it detracts from the artwork. Realize must make them all of a single color and style so that the work "flows". This no doubt will be both cost and time sensitive.

While taking my moment on the front porch early this morning laid the process to rest in between the hum of the bee that could be heard traveling from plant to plant and the ray of light that highlight each bloom as a singular showpiece. All will come with time. It's been two years since started showing my work. All a learning process that is not "grown" overnight.