Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mayan memories - SOLD

Since today is such a beautiful day in Dayton with the Sun shinning was able to take care of business at the front of the Gallery this afternoon. When the client came to pickup her tryptch of Mayan Memories she was thrilled with the way it "shined" in the light. Back under the florescent lighting of the Silent Auction room the piece had life to it but was quietly waiting for the REVEAL of sunlight. It has gold leafing hidden within. It was a pleasure to watch her face match the art and warm my soul.
It had been more than 30 days since she bid on the artwork. She beat out two other bids by jumping over them with her bid but admitted she needed another look at it this morning.

I was thinking while waiting on her to come to the gallery that this piece was inspired by the healing sink hole within the Mayan Reservation in Cancun. The leaves that shimmered in the light and look of the waters some 45 below the opening above where as vivid as day stood there and sketched them for this piece. Wine may get better with time however art and the making of it seasons better for this one!