Friday, August 28, 2009


sitting here trying to recoup from an interview done over the phone. While am comfortable in my own skin always difficult to keep from rambling about the artwork.
Nerves, perhaps too much coffee and step back and listen to myself. Try so hard not to be something am not (hence no staged photos or glamor shots). While can appreciate one likes to know background of person who demonstrates, creates the art it puts me in mind of Lucian Freud. Here is a modern day living artist who is not comfortable giving interviews or discussing his work. Yet, in that light and under the microscope his personality comes across as soft in contrast to his detailed "realistic" compositions created. Was it just the way I related to his U Tube interview or did I identify with the matching of word to work? Made it through the process. Would that could have you focus on the work only; but do understand the need for "background" now as well. Will break down and send images to the site to include with the techniques it isn't about vanity so much as it is about the need to share.

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