Saturday, August 15, 2009

new piece Aura Oracle shades of the past

is the next theme concept. Used to be a flower child and tiedyed anything back
in the 70s. Many an acrylic looked like the tyedye art of the Day. Found it
interesting that the Kabbalah prism is my palette quite often. We each radiate
energy, with the light it is translated into color (feel it) Sounds strange
but is a way for me to drop my "control" and allow the light to radiate in art.
How we connect to each other sometimes is picked up by what we sense on different
levels. This is a work in progress

Must add: the techniques taught by Trish McKinney, Stephen Blackburn, Don Andrews
have all been incorporated in this piece. Without the "giving" of these talented artists would most certainly still be doing "tyeDye art".

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